Stereotypical tendencies

I was at a party 2 days ago, and expectedly ran into some friends. During a brief conversation, my recent haircut was brought up, and how different it made me look now that my long mane had been chopped off and forsaken. Then the phrase that no one had yet uttered was spoken: does your new do signify that you’re a lesbian now? I always dread Lebanese logic, but this was…hilarious.

From what I’ve gathered, your choice of hairstyle, garments, friends etc…determine your sexual tendencies just as they do musical influences. I have short hair and wear black, therefore I’m a lesbian Satan worshiper. My clothing choices have made many question my affiliations for years, being asked if I loved death metal or was a distant relative of the Adams family – not that I mind having sported the nickname Wednesday since high school. People judge, it’s no news, but the way they judge is simply ridiculous, basing their so-called knowledge on retarded TV shows and celebrity propaganda. I currently have short hair but I’m not Ellen, I wear black and studs but I’m not Ozzy, I love food but I’m not Yogi bear. I make choices because I’m free not because some insane fashions dictate my behaviour, I dress and do things in a way I feel comfortable in, just like I take on a different persona every once in a while. Life isn’t meant to be boring or routine-like, and one must live their truth instead of hiding behind stereotypes too scared to act on impulse or whim. I woke up one morning and felt like trying something new, that’s the only reason behind my haircut, the only reason I or anyone else needs; no sexual or religious meaning, no symbolism or rebellion, just a need for change.

There is a need to define everything and understand things on a deeper level than those existing, but sometimes one must leave Freud and Simone de Beauvoir on the bookshelf and let live. On another note, today I dyed half my hair pink – can’t wait for all the misconceptions that’ll result in!