Self-worth & privacy

Older people often make fun or criticize our generation for being so comfortable publishing and exposing their lives on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but they don’t really delve deeper into the matter, questioning why people are acting the way they do nowadays.

If you think of it, there are more people now on Earth than there has ever been, the media controls all our thoughts from what we have for breakfast to who we love, to how we tie our shoelaces, and thanks to the Internet, anyone can become famous, anyone can showcase what makes them, according to society’s modern standards, superior to the rest in one way or another.

Then, in an accidentally ironic twist, they tell the young ones “be unique, shine”. Beautiful. They expect these kids to magically sparkle amongst millions constantly flashing their own uniqueness thanks to the omnipresent force of the media, rendering it impossible to express those little things that make them truly different and special. Today, everyone’s striving to push through the masses, in need of some sort of recognition, and what feels more “unique” than our extraordinarily ordinary daily lives?

Those young ones everyone finds easy to mock, were born in an era that doesn’t care, that doesn’t market talent only but potential revenue. You will never be BeyoncĂ© if you’re born in some Ethiopian suburb, you will never be Gisele if you don’t nude up, you will never be someone as long as you’re you, because no matter how good you are at something, there’s someone out there marketing their average potential better than you.

So they will keep publicizing what the world won’t see, they will keep smiling at cameras that would rather capture someone else’s beauty, and they will keep looking for validation where they know they can shine, even for just the shortest while. Hey, I’m here, can you see me?


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