Late introductions

I’m usually a very private person; although my activity on social media would beg to differ, my posts never go deep enough to unvail anything truly intimate. I post my sketches on Instagram under a pseudonym, and voice some opinions on Facebook & WordPress, but I stay cloaked. Today, after more than twenty posts, I realized I haven’t formally introduced myself here yet, so who am I?

Am I Brigitte today, or Veronica? Jasper, Clovis or Denise? I suppose for once I am myself, and my name is Maria. I paused before typing it, and I can never figure out why this happens every single time I try to give my birth name. When I was born, my father wanted to call me June, but I was born in August, so my mother laughed saying I’d end up with the nickname July. My aunt, an artist, insisted I should be named Cleo, short for Cleopatra, sensing some future resemblance. Well the black hair and olive skin surely would have made the bearing of such a name amusing to play around with. Growing up, I hence enjoyed imagining my name had been one of those, along with Helena since I was born on that Saint’s day, and I suppose that’s when it all started. I’ve always detested the idea that we’re born to live one life, be one person for years in a row, tirelessly signing our destiny under the same sticky identity. I honestly find it impossible to keep to one story, thus my multiple personalities, all naturally driven by an innate feeling of plurality itching to be expressed. Some may deem my volition to be willingly schizophrenic somewhat bizarre, unusual or even insane, but boredom simply doesn’t coincide with my character. I want to live, fully and unapologetically, and I deep down believe that it is only through the different personages I embody as days go by, and by following each of their characteristic whims, that I’ll truly achieve my mission.

You see, in the end, it is not by shaping one perfect entity, it is about wearing the shoes of different halves, quarts and eighths that the core can be truly complete. It is by being somebody else for a while that helps one be a better himself. Now if that is too complex or philosophical to understand, then maybe Simone, Josephine or Davey could help you figure out the meaning of my words.


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