Musical musings

I woke up this morning to the sound of Frank Sinatra’s velvety voice. My father, an early riser I definitely took after, has those sudden urges to blast his music at the strangest hours of the day, notwithstanding the countless interferences and warnings of the sleepy neighbors underneath – the remainder of the building’s inhabitants probably too hard of hearing to mind.

Oh Franky, how far are the days of good, really good and genuine, music resounding in people’s houses! Nowadays people dance, if that’s what you call nodding energetically and shaking their behinds, to the horrifying sounds synthetically maneuvered by musically-challenged chart-topping “artists”. I believe real good music went somewhat extinct around the mid-eighties maybe, with a few sightings of genius here and there every once in a while, replaced by crowd-appealing tunes. If there is one thing that is certain, it surely is the fact that when trying to reach the majority of a population, the quality of something finds itself radically diminished and the product significantly dumbed down. Albeit some classic songs did make it into modern day, their true essence was lost in the transition;  the smooth philosohy behind Sinatra’s “My way” has been disconcertingly disfigured, quoted under instagrammed pictures of people dressed in abominable clothing and striking poses unfathomable at the time of the song’s release. The unfortunate tale of good songs turned into parodies of themselves continues with half naked girls and gritty-voiced men covering beautiful lyrics with distorted versions of the original melodies. Deep sigh. “New York, New York” is playing now as I type, images of how it was back then racing through my disillusioned mind, I find myself wishing I had been born in any other era but this one. Music is the most expressive way of conveying a period’s truths, and all I hear on the radio these days is the world’s downward spiral into IQ oblivion.

I started writing this thinking of all the joy my father’s music collection brought to my life, the bearings of more authentic times, and here I am concluding that no matter how beautiful it was before, it simply isn’t anymore. How fitting, life has the most perfect timing sometimes; “Yesterday” just came on, nostalgic and unforgiving, “oh how I long for yesterday”…


2 thoughts on “Musical musings

    1. True, at least there’s the bliss of rediscovering old gems since most of what we get today are cheap knock-offs. I don’t want to generalize, there are sometimes beautiful songs and talented musicians that still manage to impress, like Amy Winehouse (when she was alive) for example, who revived a somewhat sleepy scene. And when I say Sinatra, I also mean Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Elvis and co. Those are the artists time should remember and keep alive, at least in my opinion 🙂 (I also love patti smith, bowie and newer artists, but I happened to be listening to more vintage tunes when I wrote this)

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