Your success sucks a**

I am aware the title isn’t what you’d call politically correct, but today’s society hasn’t proved to be either. With the help of the invasive Big Brother we call Internet, boasting and bragging have become an accepted and even applauded sickness.

Success, what does it mean? Is it getting good grades at school and getting into college? Is it finding a job and keeping it? Is it buying a car and being debt free? Is it becoming a good husband, wife or parent? Is it helping those in need? Is it spreading joy wherever you go?  If that’s not the definition then…what is? Could it be the majority of today’s youth and even some generations before have got it all wrong, taught to value the wrong things? Or is it possible they’ve replaced those definitions with the amount of “likes” and ego boosting comments received every time they write a status on Facebook or Twitter on how their career is progressing at the speed of light, the shiny list of their glamorous clientele or the number of diplomas they have amassed…? Not to mention the innumerable photographs instagram has the joy of spreading, from selfies in luxurious Dubaian hotels to breakfast shots at Laduree, sharing ten filtered pictures a day of their kids because family albums are so passé and how else can the world know that baby has as many outfits as a Kardashian? It is one thing to want to share bits and pieces of one’s life, to be proud of finally arriving somewhere meaningful, to want to add some sparkle to a sad routine life or maybe even enjoy a few compliments from time to time on an outfit stylishly put together, but incessantly posting about one’s culmination of (sometimes useless) achievements is on a whole other level.

Success, understandably, means many different things to a lot of people, but shoving one’s blessings in people’s faces on a daily basis is nothing short of vain and distasteful. Humility has truly become a lost art in this overly publicized world.


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