Letter to humanity

Hello Humankind,

This is one of you speaking. Well, typing if you really want to delve into the details. My voice cannot reach everyone in this big place, so I decided to move my words from the air to the screen of my sophisticated mobile phone and onto the internet. I assume that many therefore don’t have access to my thoughts; does that make them too pricey for some people? I thought words were free, world, what is happening here? Christmas and end of year holidays have just passed, we had salmon and turkey and chestnuts and cheese and so much chocolate, our table felt truly festive! But world, some people can’t afford what we all ate…are the holidays only for those who can pay for them? I’m sad, world, I simply do not understand. The big guns talk about capitalism as something good, justice as something real and poverty, hunger, destitution…well, they don’t talk about all that, it doesn’t concern them. If only they all knew how concerned everyone is, how guilty each of us should feel; where are the helping hands that are so eager to pick up a beautiful girl’s fallen pen but so reluctantly lend themselves to assist the hard working mother as she clears the table she slaved and perspired to cover with wholesome dishes? Where are the wallets that so easily open to offer diamonds and Baccarat crystal vases but hide at the sight of the shivering homeless roaming around aimlessly for lack of warm places to go? Where is everyone when it truly matters? How can I remind you, world, that it’s humanity you close your hearts to, that those are humans with no coats or socks asking shamelessly for quarters and dimes you’d rather save for park meters? How can I push you to open your soul and give? To give is the secret, you see, to give is to love, and our hearts have so much of it to pass around, too much not to share with even the most random of them. Give, even if it seems you’ve given it all, give even when it seems there’s nothing to be given! You must understand, it is not an act valued in monetary terms as everyone seems so keen to define it; to give is to be, and till now all I have seen is cities of shadows wasting their gifts from 9 to 5, drowning their excess of love in bottles of poison. Give your fathers a hug, they might never know how appreciated their presence is. Give the fisherman a smile, he’s standing near ice all day to keep your food edible and safe. Give your old clothes to charity, you don’t need that old sweater, and somewhere a young girl has to run to school with just a thin blouse on. Give your time. Give your energy. Give your strength. Lend your shoulder. And if you run out of things to give, forgive; forgiving ultimately is similar to giving peace, restoring balance and bestowing the best of yourself onto someone else’s briefly deviated soul. We are grand, it’s a pity we behave so small.

World, I don’t want to sound authoritative or condescending, I myself fail my fellow humans daily and I am no saint, but I’m lucky to be surrounded by good people who remind me that we are not alone in this cruel place, and that if we feel pain, there are others who have it much…much worse. I’m sorry world if my words don’t have the impact I wish them to, I believe technology has ironically made everyone smaller than they were meant to be.


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