Education manipulation

I’ve always had contradictory feelings about my time in school; I loved it as much as I hated it, probably like many others out there. I remember having quite a perturbing experience, paved with difficulties that later on turned into character-building material; but still, who’d want to wake up every morning dreading the eight-hour long day? Lessons were imposed, weaknesses were exposed and in many classes I inevitably dozed. Then came college, oh joy, finally studying what I want! For five years! Hurray? I wish things were as simple as we prayed they’d be the first eighteen years of our lives, struggling to reach glorified adulthood and long-awaited recognition.

The more time passes and studies are conducted to determine the best educational processes, the more useless information is stuffed into our heads in an effort to prolong and enrich the experience, unfortunately obtaining a less effective method. Back when our parents were young adults, studies were shorter but more condensed; one did not lose interest in the chosen subject after being repetitively submitted to uneducated educational reforms in a vain attempt to add value to the myriad of questionable certifications now available. Half of the world’s higher diploma holders are unqualified for the jobs they’re entering whileas many of those with no degree excel at their craft. One can be autodidact and offer more than another following the excessively beaten track, but today’s world still values owners of signed pieces of paper covered in glamorised insubstantial adjectives. Ink before knowledge, print over experience.

Having ventured in different directions over the past few years, and having met an array of different people from all sorts of backgrounds, I can now assure that today’s world is defective. Being good at something isn’t enough anymore, one can be mediocre and still beat a more skilled individual with something as plain as a higher education degree. Higher. What a term to be used in such invalid a manner; gone are the days of life being the essential shaper of Man, the 21st century has set the mood: paper beats rock, scissors and sweat. Paper, whether the signed or green variety, wins it all.


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