Excuse me while I digress

Two days have passed, no new scare, the dead can be mourned and the living breathe again…for now. Someone has to say it, a few days of “peace” while everyone waits for the other shoe to drop; where will the monsters hit next?

I was watching TV today, absent-minded, when an ad caught my attention; we’ve reached mid November and the Christmas madness is only a few days away. I’ve always loved Christmas, for many reasons but mostly for the joy it brings, even to the outsiders. Twinkling lights and coloured decorations cover up the sound of screaming bills, the smell of garbage piling up higher, the taste of contaminated vegetables; it’s a season happy by default, no matter how old you get…unless you’re left alone. Suddenly the world becomes real; wars, pain, death… being left behind is everything but celebratory. I write this as I think of the little kid who lost his parents in the Beirut bombing, he won’t hear his mother’s voice calling him for dinner anymore. There’s a woman who lost her husband in Paris, they will never celebrate their wedding anniversary again. A man lost his mother in an explosion, he will never again  taste her love in her walnut maamoul. Countries have lost their children, whose voices will no longer be heard, whose potential accomplishments we will never know of.

Loss. In an ever-evolving, ever-growing world, it is a word we hear too often to not turn to existential questions: how is it we are told of gain when all we read and hear about is deprivation, dissipation and no salvation? We are the products of anguish and greed, we feel pain and unexplicably ask for more – and no I’m not talking about s&m. There is a worldwide tendency to follow those who wind up hurting us, sweet talking and misleading our steps into temples of rubble; suicide bombers with their evil gods, gold diggers with their paper devils, and the rest of the world taking up the roles of well-dressed sheep with their malevolent leaders. Religion is often portrayed as the culprit, but alone, religion is just a word, just like a glass of milk is healthy till it’s baked into a cholesterol-filled cake devoured with no second thought. Everyone wants to blame something or someone, but nobody wants to admit we’re all to blame. We are to blame for segregation,  we are to blame for disparity, we are to blame for extremism and every barbaric concept you can think of that makes society the way it is today. We are to blame for this child orphaned for the only crime of existing. We have made this world unlivable, and it can only get worse with attitudes like those shown for example in the small world of social media the last few days. They announce war and people decide to fight, how do you expect things to get better when you only make them worse?

We are all suicide bombers, we are the puss in the world’s untreated wounds, we are the war… If people would only choose their fight instead of becoming the reason there is one at all. Don’t “hashtag” peace, be it.


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