Beirut in black, Paris on fire

Yet another attack. 120 dead, they said. That’s 3 times 40, but apparently 10 times more important. Don’t think my old math teacher would understand that either.

Last night I went out to breathe, to remember to breathe, to live as more than 40 others had stopped. I came back home with a hundred more departed souls weighing on my mind, the smell of death haunting my every step.

Since childhood, Lebanon and France have both been home to me. I roam te streets of one as naturally as I do the second, I speak one’s language as fluently as the other. My heart goes out to you Paris, or what’s left of it after the Beirut bombing. However, I remain puzzled. Reading the news after both attacks, I can’t help but notice the gigantic difference between the way each event is treated. On Facebook, it somehow seems the same at first, people posting the latest reports, some checking on others…till I get a notification saying my friends in Paris are safe. Wait, Zuckerberg, did you create an option just for France? What about us here? Do we, to the world, matter less? At least, that was my first reaction. Then I scrolled down and started reading what some people had to say…and they left me speechless. It’s the Charlie hebdo vs. Syria drama all over again. People died, innocents, the world is on fire and all the social media self-proclaimed geniuses have found to do in this time of crisis is to compare and weigh which country’s victims are to be mourned more. I grew up with the saying “quality over quantity” and I believe it applies here too: nobody is more important than anyone, all humans are of same quality, of same importance,  whether they’re 2 or 1 million, whether they’re your cousins or some unknown group in Guadalajara.

Today we mourn the world, as we seem to be doing so often these past few years. Under the ruthless siege of fanaticism, we mourn the disappearance of compassion & the departure of common sense. After thousands of years on Earth, why can’t Man stand by Man, united, instead of creating more ways to stand apart?

RIP beautiful world, and welcome to 21st century degeneracy.


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